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Hobbys & projects

Outside work I have a couple of things that I enjoy doing!

Restoring a old camper

A lot of my free time is spent at a workshop!
Back in the spring of 2020, I began the restoration of an old Mercedes Benz L206 camper-van from 1975 with my girlfriend and her family.

We quickly realized that the quick fixer-upper we thought it would be, turned out to be somewhat of a project. But after nearly 3 years, a lot of work, and new skills acquired (like auto-painting and kitchen construction) we are closing in on the final details, and hope to have the bus road ready for the summer of 2023!



I enjoy being active, I like sports. But in particular, I like gymnastics, skiing, and hiking! 

I do gymnastics once a week and have been doing it since I was a kid, both as a performer and an instructor. When it comes to skiing I was a bit of a late bloomer, but when I finally got started I was hooked. I love the sensensation of going full speed down the hill, the thrill of zig-zaging in the off-pist, and the bobbling sensation of taking a jump.  

Finally, I think that hiking is the ultimate freedom. I have hiked in Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland for now, but hope to get out and see even more exciting places by foot. 

Graphic design

I am a visual person. I draw and do graphic design because I like creating stuff.  


Here I have included some examples of cool things I have created: Some logos for a power tumbling team, a breakdance team, and a carpenter company I've done, the movie poster for the feature film 'Needle Boy', and a book cover for a poetry book about Cuba.

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